Grade 2 Visits Korean War Memorial

Seoul campus grade twos think we should all visit the Korean War Memorial. Below, Chaeeun, Miso, Riu, Katie and Ruby tell us why.

KWM2Have you ever been to the children’s part of the Korean War Memorial? If you haven’t, then you should! You would enjoy it because you could learn about Korean history and culture. Everything we saw and learned was cool and interesting. Grade two friends went to the museum together and we saw some things that people used back in the wars. For example, tanks, missiles, jets, and boats. You should go!

KWM5The first reason you should go is because we learned about people that saved Korea during the wars. Second graders watched some videos about emperors, kings, and other countries that helped Korea. We saw some tools that people used in wars. We saw the turtle boat, which showed us how Korea was able to defend itself. We went to a special room in the children’s museum and played a bingo game to learn about countries that helped Korea too. USA and some countries in South America were on the list. Learning about countries being friends was really fun.

Another reason you should go is because you can learn about how people lived during wars. We looked at what people ate during the war and what some people had stolen from Korea such as spoons, weapons, culture, and land. We felt sorry for people at that time, and we have ideas about how we can help in the future.

KWM6The next reason you should go is because there is a playground that describes the war. There was some viking ships for seesaws and there was a wheel where we could drive it! Plus there was another playground where you could go on a large boat. On the tour, we got to play in an inside playground. Everyone mostly played tag. We had so much fun.

You should go to the War memorial now! Now that you’ve heard our story, we bet that you want to go. We hope that you enjoy it! You could go with some friends or family and it may be even better.

Thank you Jaclyn Hanna for encouraging your second graders to write about their experiences! Photos from Sue Park, Emily Grove and Jaclyn Hanna. 

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