Soccer Jamboree!

Earlier this month Seoul Campus hosted a Saturday K-2 soccer jamboree organized by PE teacher Shane Wilson. After, Jaclyn Hanna’s second graders decided to share their experiences here, and explain why jamborees are important to our school culture.

Do you know what a soccer jamboree is? A soccer jamboree is an event where people from different schools in Seoul get together to play soccer. The soccer jamboree at KIS Seoul Campus was a fantastic event.

SC Soccer2First, it was a fantastic because we got to play on a team together. We got to help each other on a team. It’s always fun to play together. On our team, we had Siwu, Aaron, Alex, Tei, Justin, Matthew, Edly, and Aidan. On different teams there were girls and boys in different grade levels. The event had students from grade kindergarten to second grade.

Also, we got to make new friends. “I made a friend named Fletcher, he was older than me. He was very nice,” Matthew said. Tei added, “I made some new friends, too!” There were 139 kids at the event from different schools. “I got to play with some of my friends from last year,” Aidan told me.

SC Soccer3Another reason is that we get to learn sportsmanship. For example, we learned that losing or winning doesn’t matter. It’s great that we had fun. Sportsmanship means that we don’t complain when we lose.

Finally, we had fun playing together. We got to play tag at the end of the event. Ryan from Pangyo pretented to be sad when he tagged Tei and Tei thought it was funny. It was so much fun to play together!

Do you want to play soccer at a jamboree? You can ask your parents! If you don’t go to a school with jamborees, ask your teacher or parents to get together to play with your friends. Thank you, Mr. Wilson, for hosting and setting up a wonderful, perfect event!

Thank you Aidan, Justin, Edly, Tei, and Matthew for writing such a fantastic piece! And thank you Jaclyn Hanna and Jennifer Le Varge for the photos!

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