Seoul Campus Got Talent!

Last week Seoul campus elementary celebrated many talented students with an afternoon talent show! The crowd loved the performances and Jaclyn Hanna’s second graders share their first thoughts here.

SCT14At Seoul Campus, we had a wonderful talent show where you could show your talent. My favorite part was when Grace and Katie did the hula hoop with the “Cha-Cha Slide.” I liked it because I liked how they were moving their hips and [they] tried their best. If I was in the talent show, I would do the jump rope! – Riu

Some people did piano, some people did instruments, I did taekwondo, other people did singing, and some people did showing their art work! Some people even did showing their first time things. – Saad

Yesterday the talent show was good. I was shy because all of the people were looking at me when I did the piano. When I finished the piano I was proud of myself. I didn’t even accidentally do anything wrong. – Chaeeun

SCT3I was, like, doing the magic. All of the people didn’t know what I did, how I did it, and people were asking me when I came off the stage how I did that. I was proud of myself. So, I told them I was going to tell them later. I think that I may tell them later. But, since they don’t know now, it was really exciting. I was really proud of myself. – Edly

I liked Chloe doing the violin because her song was so beautiful. I thought she tried her best and she was brave to go on stage! – Katie

When I watched the talent show, at the end, I felt powerful. I felt powerful because the drums sounded powerful. Aiden, Angelina, and Jayden played instruments in a group. They made me feel [like I want to] do the talent show next year. – Ruby

If you missed the show, watch from home!


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