Yerin Leads A March

KIS encourages students to apply what they learn. When Seoul campus fourth grader Yerin learned about the women’s rights movement, she was inspired to organize her own march to celebrate International Women’s Day. Here she tells her story.

SC March1This project inspired me when I was researching about this issue. There are many serious problems for women. That is why I got inspired to do this project, and because I am a girl too.

My project is important because men in countries treat women unfairly by being disrespectful to women and it is not fair. Also try to think who gave you your life and birth. It is your MOM! She is a WOMAN! You should give respect to your mom. That is one reason why women’s rights are important. The purpose of my March was to show the need for equality for women here in Korea at my school and in the world.  

I organized my march by going to each class from grades 3-5 and telling the purpose of my march and why I was doing this. Ms. Jennifer organized a time when we could march as a group. For my poster, I bought one thick board and I put pictures on it and decorated it. For the little posters for the others to hold, I used a logo maker app. We did my march around the soccer field and around the river. We didn’t go to the river but we went in a circle and came back.

Photos and video courtesy of Jennifer Le Varge, Seoul campus principal. 

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