Reading Week!

Last week Seoul campus organized a reading week and Joshua Greene’s fourth graders wrote this post about the events and celebration.

Last week was Reading Week at KIS Seoul campus. We celebrated with spirit days! On Monday we said “Hats off to reading!” and wore our favorite hats. We also had stuffed animal day and wore letters on our clothing. When we say “spirit days” we mean our Reading Week. During Reading Week we have a lot of different activities.

SC RW2Our school was trying to reach a goal of reading 20,000 minutes! Our teachers helped us by giving us time to read everyday! We kept track of all of our minutes using a reading log. Our principal Ms. Jennifer visited each class to read aloud. One more thing our school did was write a traveling story. The traveling story started in PK and was finished by the fifth graders!  To celebrate meeting our reading goal we met in the MPR as a whole school to hear Ms. Jennifer read our traveling book. Each grade focused on writing about what teachers do after school. Some of the stories were super funny, like PK imagining Ms. Kate ordering pizza and sleeping in the classroom!

The reason we had Reading Week is because we are trying to have fun reading and to get more interested in reading. Another reason is because we can get in the habit of reading. If you have a good reading habit, reading is easier and very fun. We can also get information or knowledge to make our brains grow. We can learn new words and many new facts if we read lots of non-fiction or even fiction books.

Grade four recommends these books to get you started: the Dogman series, Because of Winn-Dixie, Wonder, Wild Robot, the Babysitters Club series, Fish In A Tree, Marvelwood Magicians, Posted, and Pax.


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