Morning Art Class

Next week Seoul campus is hosting an art show during student led conferences. Art teacher Karen Jung showed the work different grade levels will auction off to fundraise for PTO, and fifth graders shared the inspiration for their current works in progress.

This year’s art auction pieces illustrate the collaboration of each grade level: grade one students combined individual prints to make one great whole work, grade two and three students rolled dozens of yellow paper cones to make their flower, kindergarten students played with paint to make a peacock’s feathers, PK and JK students strung beads to make a mobile, and grade five students worked together to carefully detail a city skyline.

The grade five class was also busy making souvenir art as part of their current transdisciplinary unit about culture and identity. Students learned about how geography and climate influence culture, and how culture influences our sense of identity. Each student chose one country to study and in art class the focus is on how to visually represent that culture. The souvenir projects are diverse and Ms. Jung supports students as they find a way to best create. Andrew is carving a lemur to represent Madagascar. Jaywon is making a bone necklace to show something unique about Norway, and Esther is weaving a scarf to honor Peru. 

Thank you Ms. Jung and grade fives for sharing your time and art this morning. We’ll feature the art show after spring break. Check back!


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