Guess What? Google Certified!

Educational Technology Integrationists Gary Johnston and Brogan Pratt share about a recent weekend of Google training. A number of KIS teachers passed their certification!

I’m so happy that I went through the training sessions. I went in thinking I wasn’t sure how to use these apps, but I found many applications as a math teacher I can use that are super cool! – Kelly Chang, high school math teacher

This February, Korea International School added a number of new Google Certified Educators to its ranks. Teachers included Paul Duffy, Mike Bycraft, Deborah Allensworth, Kal Cho, Frances Giron, Tricia Quade, Wendy, Moore, Anthony Van Moppes, Kelly Chang, Vivian Robert, Samantha Degan and Lisa Lim. These teachers joined the cohort of educators from this fall: Alice Ahn, Tonya McDonel, Katie Nolan, Ben Kilham, and Micah Crochet who all learned new ways to improve their understanding and efficiency with Google apps in an educational environment by leveraging Gmail, Drive, Google Calendars, and Google Classroom in authentic scenarios. 

I always pegged myself as not very good with computers and would learn what I needed to survive day to day. As such, I was reluctant to become Google Certified. As it happened, I learned some really useful skills which will help my teaching and had a lot of support to be successful! Thanks! – Paul Duffy, Pangyo kindergarten teacher

The flexibility and organization of the Google Educator Certification training made it simple to complete the Level 1 Course. I loved that I could go at my own pace, and that the training modules taught me skills that I was actually excited to learn! My new skills et includes creating and enhancing my own Sites, interacting with students and colleagues in a variety of ways and through a range of platforms (e.g., Docs, Gmail, Drive, Classroom), effectively utilizing different formulas and functions in Sheets, creating my own Google forms, and more. I would highly recommend this course! – Katie Nolan, Pangyo learning support teacher

This is one of the many internal professional development opportunities that Korea International School provides its staff to keep their skill set up to date with changing trends in the educational landscape. For all staff that are interested, we’ll be offering level 1 and 2 certification courses next fall to all interested faculty!

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