Destination Imagination: Ready!

In October we checked in with our DI teams at the start of their challenges. Now let’s see their progress.

Our three Destination Imagination teams are ready to represent KIS this Saturday! Their last month of preparation was intense as teams began meeting daily to finish their challenges and this week is a rush of last minute revisions. This week is also a good time to reflect on individual and team growth.

DI24The Monster Effects team had a lot to say about coming together as a team. It’s easier to work together now, one student reflected, and Jeremy Jacobsen echoes the team’s conclusion, “We’re like a big family.” And as a team, each person found his or her voice. Jessica Jacobsen is proud of how the DI students developed confidence to speak up, offering ideas or alternatives during practice and planning sessions. Risks are more welcome when a whole group of friends is ready to problem solve together.

DI25And what is challenging often becomes what is most fun about DI! The Monster Effects team was impressed by how much weight their structure supported (over six hundred pounds!), but they had to redo the prototype using different wood. The On Target team had to figure out how to make a drone all by themselves, and did (!), though they needed to fine tune its steering.

All coaches are impressed by the teams’ commitment to DI. “We’re all new to this,” Mr. Jacobsen said, “We had to learn how to make use of weekly time.” Students learned to jump into their tasks immediately, to make the best use of their club time. Starting during winter break, teams met during weekends or on multiple days after school to get their work ready for competition. The coaches are glad for such flexible parents too!

One afternoon, the elementary KoLab hallway was a workspace. Brandon (grade 3) was busy hot gluing a time machine made of cardboard. He worries about not doing well at competition, but is more excited just to go. I looked at his time machine and asked, “Do you wish you had a machine that could travel back in time?” Brandon looked up at me and said, “Well, this might!”

Gene MacLachlan and Moon Jung are also coaching a team for Saturday’s competition. We’ll check in with all three teams to hear all about the DI event!

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