KIS + Festival = KISTIVAL! and Sketchbook Volume 5

Eunice is a grade ten student who enjoys being involved at KIS. Here she tells about KISTIVAL and encourages you to attend Sketchbook Volume 5 later this week!

Eunice1KISTIVAL, an NHS event, was on November 16th from 4 to 6pm. at the Conference Hall. It was an event where many students were able to promote their clubs and fundraise by selling food and playing games. Both students and teachers enjoyed the small events and had lots of fun! These events included games, interesting booths, and raffles! For example, the Global Ambassador and Suji Boys Town sold Madeleine cookies made by John (grade 10). These cookies consisted of three flavors: vanilla, lime, and green tea with chocolate chips. 

Another exciting event was the raffle! Through the raffle, students and teachers had an opportunity to win a mini beam projector and airpods, along with other fascinating prizes. The intense competition between students and teachers made this event more engaging. Other raffle prizes included dolls, Starbuck gift cards, and CGV tickets.  

The grand winner of the raffle was Ms. Chang, who ran around the conference hall with her new pair of airpods. Another winner of the raffle was Mr. Kao, who won a cute dinosaur doll. Like this, the KISTIVAL held many exciting games and events for the students to enjoy. 

This year’s Sketchbook perfomers

This week, StuCo is opening a special event: Sketchbook Volume 5. It will open in the Conference Hall at 5:30 on Friday. Many performers from all grades – including Vicky, Clement, Audrey, Claire, Chris, James, Ashley, Kate, Sean, and Hope – will perform, so make sure to get tickets to support, and watch this awesome performance. 

Since it’s my first time singing at a concert, I feel very nervous. I’m ready to sing but not ready to perform. I feel like performing in Sketchbook would be a perfect opportunity for me to grow.
– Sean, grade 10

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