Speech & Debate Wins!

Naryeong Leanne, a senior at KIS, details the recent accomplishments of the forensics team, and tells what it takes to pull together wins.

On 19 and 20 October, the KIS Varsity Speech and Debate Team accomplished an incredible feat in the KAIAC league. With their insurmountable effort put forth during lunch practice debates, club tournaments, and workshops, the KIS Varsity Speech and Debate Team was able to bring home many wins.

In a typical day at KIS, you will most likely see students at the cafeteria during lunchtime. That isn’t necessarily true for speech and debate members. With their passion for public speaking, the team runs on a schedule of weekly practice debates–throwing ruthless crossfire questions against each other, and challenging the credibility of evidence pieces. It is truly remarkable that the team is able to bring forth such determination during practices, and eventually, at tournaments.

Furthermore, students in the KIS Varsity Speech and Debate Team have self-organized club workshops. On a weekend, they spent eight hours running through procedures, evidence bases, and all other aspects you need to be a great public speaker.

All that effort really did pay off. Special thanks to Coach Tammie Ramsey and Coach Lauren Cuellar for organizing the tournament and getting the team prepared for the tournaments. The speech team captains, Hope (12), Joonjae (12), and the debate team captains, Naryeong Leanne (12), Jenny (12), and Janie (11), spent time training new members for the upcoming season. Great job speech and debate! The next tournament is 20 November at Seoul International School. Wish them the best of luck!

Take a look at KIS tournament results here.

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