Grade 5 EE: Hike, Play, Eat A S’more!

In September, grade five went on an overnight EE trip. Students from each class put together the following post to share their adventure.  

In 2018 the fifth graders went on a experiential education  trip to Chuncheon.

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First Day

IMG_2293We went hiking on the first day and later on went to the campsite to settle in our tents. Then each group made a tent cheer and a tent name. After that we had different activities to choose from, like arts and crafts, tag, bike riding and other activities. We ate s’mores and sang songs and then it was nine at night, and then we got ready for bed and it was lights out at 9:30.

What was your favorite experience?
S’mores! I never tried s’mores before.
– Bailey

What was it like to sleep in a tent?
It was good but at some time in the night someone was talking very loudly! So it was hard to sleep.
– Luca

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Second Day

IMG_1575It was rainy the next day. After we ate breakfast we heard the news that canoeing was canceled so the whole fifth grade gathered in a tent and did morning meeting. We had to present our tent name and tent cheer to the judges (our teachers) and they gave us one minute to find a hidden talent such as contortion, acting, flossing and more. Tents also made up a dance that we all had to do together. We even imitated our teachers! At the very end the teachers told us the winners for each activity.

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Big thanks to the grade five students who spent lunch recess and lunch working on this post! Chloe wrote the summary, Claire M and Katie found photos, Claire K interviewed classmates. Steve and Rachel helped shape the post too. Photos from Katie and grade five teachers – Dave Archer, Clayton Boren, Christine Canales and Stephanie Cory.

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