Together, Our Stories

Storytell 7

Last week, nine storytellers from around the world visited KIS as a part of the first ever Korea International Storytelling Festival. The theme of this year’s festival was peace and cooperation. The purpose of the event was to share traditional stories from both Korea and around the world in order to help students learn about the different storytelling cultures that exist around the world, in different languages, and which are passed down through generations. Storytelling creates a sense of pride in our own individual cultures and also develops a sense of pride for the cultures that exist within our KIS community and throughout the world. Students and staff alike were highly entertained during the interactive experience!

Korea International Storytelling Festival storytellers included:

  • Alicia Dongjoo Bang – South Korea

  • Jeeva Raghunah – India

  • Hans Laurens – Copenhagen

  • Giorgiana Elana Popan – Romania

  • Giovanna Conforto – Italy

  • Craig Jenkins – England

  • Jennifer MacDonald Whitman – United States

  • Nathaniel Forrest Whitman – United States

  • Wajuppa Tossa – Thailand

Story and photos from Megan Greene, Pangyo elementary librarian.

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