The Eggs Will Hatch Any Day!

Seoul campus elementary adds to its garden each year. One year, a class researched and designed a rainwater collection system. Another year, a class built a greenhouse using plastic bottles. Last year, Josh Greene’s grade four class decided to bring chickens to the garden, and built a chicken coop. This year his grade four class is finishing that project, now waiting for the eggs to hatch!

SC4 1
Right now, the incubator is in Mr. Shaw’s science room.

Mr. Greene’s grade four class is raising baby chicks. The chicks aren’t chicks yet! Right now the eggs are sitting in an incubator, waiting twenty-one days to hatch. The incubator has an average temperature of 37.5 C. The incubator has to be warm enough, and a little humid. The eggs move slowly back and forth, imitating the way a mother hen moves on her nest. The class expects the eggs to hatch this week or next!

SC Garden 4Once the eggs hatch, the chicks will live in Mr. Greene’s classroom! The chicks will live in the reading corner under heat lamps. Some chicks might not survive though. When the chicks are bigger, the class will move the hens to the KIS garden and chicken coop. They will sell or give away the roosters because roosters are too loud for the neighborhood.

Now the grade four class is making sure the new chicks will be safe in the garden. The class is learning to be kind to the animals you raise. This means keeping predators away, and feeding the chicks what they need to grow. When the chicks are chickens, the grade four class hopes they are healthy and lay eggs!

Big thanks to our student writers and photographers! What a fun group! To watch the eggs incubate – and catch one hatching, check out this live feed!

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