Grade Three Whips Up Some Writing!

At Seoul Campus, Nick Roy’s grade three learners set aside an hour to tell you about their school day expereinces. Everyone opened their notebooks to write about what they were learning or something they enjoyed. Then groups formed to fit first responses and drafing began. Jennifer Wright’s grade five learners acted as mentor writers or guides for the groups, to keep drafting on task. The biggest challenge was paring all the different voices into one shared writing. Most groups took ideas from each other and built a paragraph adding one idea to the next. One group used quotes to tell their story. And another drafted out loud, rewording sentences until everyone agreed. By the end of one hour (!), grade three produced the four pieces shared here.

Favorite Part Of The Day

I like my school lunchbecause they have spaghetti. I’m thankful for the school preparing food for me. I’m grateful for that. While I eat my lunch I like to talk with my friends.

All About Social Studies
Social studies is fun because we are going to make a news report script. We are working on posters about the countries. The researching we are doing is about Bangledesh, and we saw some images in Bangledesh of some things that happened.

My favorite part of the day is dismissal! It’s because dismissal is when you go on the bus or car and go home. I also like recess because it is a break after lunch.

Favorite Subjects

In math we are learning about multiplication. Reina says she likes math because it is easy. Clive likes math because he likes multiplication. Sulaf likes math too.

Sulaf likes to be challenged. She is always finding the most challenging thing to try.
– Mr. Roy

Elaf likes writing English and learning English. Jacob likes to read, and likes fiction because there are more active stories.

Aiden likes PE where he plays games and exercises.

Gamers’ Club!

Do you want to fun socializing and playing games with your friends? Then join the Gamers’ Club! In Gamers’ Club we play board games, card games, iPad games, and more! Play these games and EXPAND your mind. Some favorite games are Roblox, capture the flag, Uno, and Trouble. Come play at Gamers’ Club!

Being Physical Makes You Fit

Being fit makes you stronger. If you get sick, your body is ready to fight the sickness. Your immune system will get stronger. If you go to KIS there are physical clubs that will makes you fit such as Jammin’ Sports club, dance, tae kwon do, and Gaelic football.

Thank you all grade three writers and grade five mentors! What a great way to share your day!

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