Link: Grade 9 Perspective

Link Crew opens the school year with an orientation to welcome incoming grade nine students at KIS. At the orientation, advisory groups meet for the first time with the Link leaders they’ll see throughout the school year. PE teacher Kim McKelvie and math teacher Tricia Quade share a grade nine advisory. Their students are kind enough to share their orientation experience here.

Link McK
Kim McKelvie and Tricia Quade’s grade nine advisory with their Link leaders, Logan and Calvin.

My orientation experience was extremely welcoming. I really liked the Link leaders and how they helped us so much with the overwhelming experience of becoming a high schooler. I was very scared and excited but the Link leaders and the welcoming teachers helped me feel more comfortable and less anxious about being a new student at high school. – Julie

I found the initial bit of the orientation to be somewhat repetitive, but enjoyed when we split up into advisories. I liked how we played team building activities as it made me feel included. – Seungheun

The games that we played at orientation were very fun. Everyone was involved in the game. In my opinion, older students mentoring us is very efficient because they can tell us what to do to be successful in this school. – Donghoon

From my orientation experience, I can state that having the Link leaders help and play games with us was very fun and I was very comfortable with the Link leaders after a few minutes. The thing that was different with having older students mentor me was that there was so much help lying around, with easy access. In the end, I really like the Link leaders. – Ryan

I think having older students helps me out a lot because they always tell our advisory we can always be free to ask them any questions or ask for any help or advice. I like that our Link leaders spread their positive energy to us by always being nice and energetic. – Catherine

I felt that the link leaders helped us integrate into high school from the first day as they started off the year with simple games that made us have a good time. It set a positive tone for the school year and I liked that we did different things in the first week of school. Also, getting to know some high schoolers that we could ask for help eases my experience of high school. – Seoho

I do think that it is a good idea of having older students as our link leaders because they can tell us their experience, what they did in their freshman year, and useful tips they are able to share with use to get used to high school life. – Chloe

My experience with the Link leaders during the orientation was good because it was a friendlier approach to getting familiar with the high school atmosphere with the upperclassmen leading us, rather than teachers. I feel like having older students helps us ask more personal questions about the school, and hear genuine advice from people who used to be in ninth grade as a student. – Kailey

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