Grade 7 EE

Grade seven students spent at day at Yongin Recreational Forest for their fall EE trip. Plans changed when kayak – an activity students were looking forward to – was canceled, but the grade still had a good day outside. June, one of Nate Samuelson’s advisory students, offers a story of the day. 

We had a great day by the river – I hope that the next EE trip is as great as this one!
– June

In the morning, our whole class was excited to board the bus and begin our EE trip adventure. We all eagerly waited for the announcement telling us to report downstairs and board the bus. When the announcement finally came, our advisory rushed downstairs and sat down on our bus seats, ready for the ride to begin. It took a few hours of riding the bus to get there, but no one complained- it seemed like everyone had a great time on the ride! Once we got off the bus into the hot, HOT sun, we heard the unfortunate news that the lake current was too harsh and fast for us to kayak and swim in it. We were sad to hear this news, but forgot about our sadness soon because of the fun advisory games that the teachers had prepared – Mr. Samuelson took a ton of pictures of us being crazy while doing those games.

After the games, we headed off to the river to do water testing. the water testing was actually quite fun! Our advisory had to work together to test certain elements of the river water. I found that our advisory made quite a team! After water testing, we had some extra time to hang out by the river. The teachers taught us how to skip stones, and some of us bravely waded into the river (just a little) despite the strong current. Even though we did not kayak, I appreciated how the teachers still tried to make the best out of our EE trip. Once our time at the river was over, we headed to a shaded area to eat lunch. Our lunches were delicious, and the mosquitos must have thought so too because they kept on trying to attack us to steal our food. All too soon, lunch was over and it was time to board the bus and go back to school once more. The bus ride back may have been even better than the bus ride to the river, and twice as loud, too!

I really enjoyed when we all got together after our water testing and started skipping rocks seeing who could skip both farthest and as many skips as possible. I really enjoyed this because it just felt fun and relaxing and comforting to be having fun with our peers. – Aria

The challenge that I had to face was the hot weather, and not riding the kayak. When we arrived, we didn’t have shade, and also the teachers told us that we couldn’t ride the kayak because the water was to rough. I was mad, but I had to accept it was a risk.
– Megan

EE72I had a so much fun playing bean bag. I was so close to winning! – Omar

I was a bit disappointed to hear that the kayaking was getting canceled because of the heavy rainfall in the previous days. Yet I was really surprised that the staff came prepared with alternate activities that we did when we were supposed to be kayaking, which ended up going by really fast. I learned that not everything is going to go your way, but you should always make the best of it because the more pessimistic you are the worse the situation gets. – Davine

Thank you to Nate Samuelson’s advisory students for sharing their day. Photos courtesy of MS Yearbook. 

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