Fall Sports To Follow

Sophomore Yoonsoo (Eunice) gives us an update on HS volleyball, tennis and cross country.


On Saturday, September 1, Varsity and JV Volleyball teams had their first game against SFS! The teams are all training hard for victory! 

I don’t think that winning games are our goal. I think that becoming the volleyball player you really want to be is our main goal for the team. I knew that I wasn’t going to be a starter, but I wanted to work myself up to that level so I can be a starter just once. I feel like our team is great right now, but we can make higher expectations for the future so we can all be that JV player everyone remembers.
– Jessica, JV Volleyball


As for the tennis teams, they had their first game against SIS on September 4! Yoonsung, a returning member of boys varsity tennis team, says that joining the tennis team is a good experience with a lot of ups and downs. Although there are new players, he believes that the overall mood is constant. As for William, also a returning member of the boys varsity tennis team, he hopes to get better results in matches and tournaments for this season.

Cross Country

Cross Country

Last but not least, the cross country team also had their first meet on September 1 at GSIS! Hansei, a new member of the cross country team, says “My goal is to survive and finish strong.”

Cheer On KIS Sports

All three fall sports compete on October 10. Varsity boys and girls volleyball have a home game against APIS! Tennis has a home match against TCIS, and cross country has a meet again HHS. KAIAC finals for fall sports are October 26-27. Support your KIS teams!

Yoonsoon (Eunice) will update us on the conclusion of fall sports. Stay tuned!




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