Grade 8 EE!

The grade eight EE trip was a day at Yongin Recreational Forest where advisories made crafts, ziplined and participated in a photo challenge. We checked in with students before they left and now Denise Brohm and Meaghan O’Dell’s advisories want to share their memorable moments from the day.  

8EE 15

Overall, I really enjoyed the EE trip, and I am also delighted I challenged myself to do many things during that time. At first, I was reluctant to participate a lot in the photo challenge, however at the end, I was proud of myself for taking part in quite a lot of the photos. I also really enjoyed ziplining, but the part that made it more difficult was the additional challenges that came with it, like the balloon challenge and dart challenge. And although I didn’t fully succeed in the dart challenge, I’m glad I actually made an effort in general. Thank you. – Rachel

8EE 11This was the first time I went to zipline and I was nervous and excited. – Yousif

I really enjoyed ziplining although it was my fourth time ziplining. – Joy

It was really fun how I got closer with others in our advisory. I wish next time we could have even more ziplines. Thanks for the fun though. – Joseph

8EE 3I was unfortunately sick with a fever! My parents took me to the hospital and I got medication which was bittersweet and salty. The syrup was the worst. It had a distinct flavor to it which I hated. I hated that I was sick during the EE trip because I was looking forward to the zipline. I was sad. – Brandon

It didn’t rain which was good. The ziplining was great although a bit short – even though it was two hours. – Andrew

I thought it was going to bad but it was more fun than I thought. I made many friends.  – Annabelle

I really enjoyed my first EE trip, specifically the zipline because it was my first time going on one. It wasn’t exactly adrenaline rushing (after the first leap), however the view was amazing. – Hisham

8EE 4Yes, I liked Fall EE trip because I really liked the ziplining. It was fun, I really enjoyed. – Haruna

EE Trip was awesome and I loved the zipline. Since it was the first time ziplining, I was nervous but later when I tried ziplining, I overcame my fear of height. – Jennifer

I didn’t know that I was not afraid of heights until I ziplined. I feel like it would’ve been better if it was more higher. I enjoyed the EE trip except running away from bugs. – Daniel

I enjoyed the ziplining, mostly because of how fun it was to fly above the trees. The photo challenge and hiking weren’t that fun, though, due to the hot sun. – Nolan

8EE 10The reason I screamed right before I ziplined across the forest was because the height was quite higher than I expected. When I looked at the other platform it was really long. When I ziplined and let took my feet off the ground, it was very fast and I could feel the wind rapidly blowing against me. After I took the ride, it was very fun so I had confidence to go on to the longer course. I could overcome my fear and I took a risk so that was a very memorable part of this EE trip. – Sumin

8EE 7

Photos from Denise Brohm and Meaghan O’Dell advisories. Great video by Sumin and Jeongha. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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