Middle School Houses!

The middle school introduced a house league program this year. Science teacher Lori Uemura tells the inspiration for bringing houses to KIS MS, and explains how the program works. Photos are from the rollout assembly.

HTIMG_0449The idea for developing a house league program here in the KIS Middle School was initially inspired by the faculty team’s work in creating a culture of inclusion and community across all KIS divisions and campuses. Then in May, Tanishq and Minseo, both seventh graders at the time, proposed a OneKIS club in the middle school. They and a group of other students developed a mission statement for the club.

OneKIS club will lead the KIS community into a family. We will create an open-minded, open-hearted environment that empowers each individual to be their best self and to contribute to a stronger, united KIS.

This inspired me to commit wholeheartedly to a house league program. I have experienced similar programs at other schools, but I wanted to design it so that it best fits our OneKIS ideals and also supports our KIS theme “Design Your Future.” Knowing that you are a vital part of a greater whole is so important to becoming your best future self. I worked side by side with Ms. Kekelis and other KIS teachers to plan and organize the program.

Each house is composed of a sixth, seventh and eighth grade advisory. Most houses have around twenty-five members. Many of our advisory activities will be done with the whole house rather than as an individual advisory. We hope to see some leaders emerge in each house and see a greater sense of a OneKIS community.

HTIMG_0326The MS House League teams earn points called Phoenix Feathers for all kinds of excellence both in the classroom and out. We have ten Phoenix Pillars that are traits we expect all KIS members to exemplify. The Phoenix Pillars are: Courage, Gratitude, Grit, Humility, Integrity, Kindness, Respect, Responsibility, Self-Advocacy, and Service. Students can also earn feathers for their house team through academic, creative, and athletic excellence. There will also be other opportunities for some friendly competition between houses throughout the year. Already each house has earned some feathers!

HTIMG_0579C Day House Lunch is when the house sits together in the cafeteria. Students and teachers alike enjoy spending time together chatting and getting to know each other better in the casual meal setting. Houses will sit together at all assemblies and pep rallies too. The middle school student council showed great leadership in getting the house league program up and running.

It’s going to be a great year in the Middle School!

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Photos by Gary Johnston, EdTech, and Ashleigh Peat, MS technology teacher.

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