EE On Our Way!

On Wednesday, high school departs for grade level trips around Korea: Sokcho, Boramwon, Goejedo, and Seoraksan. Grade six students leave for their overnight to Yangpyeong on Thursday. And on Friday grades seven and eight are trading classroom walls for trees and sky! Grade seven students will kayak on the Hongcheon River while grade eight students will explore Yongin Recreational Forest.

This year, a few advisories are letting us tag along on their EE adventure.

Anthony van Moppes’s grade eleven advisory students are ready for an EE trip that incorporates service learning by volunteering at Aikwangwon. One student shares that she learned about Aikwangwon’s founding during the Korean War. While there, all grade elevens will learn more about serving others, and why it’s important to be open to people with different needs.

Sabine says, “I would not describe myself as a very social person, so I’m worried that this characteristic will prevent me from developing bonds with the residents. Yet, I also wonder if this characteristic will grant me a greater experience at Aikwangwon.”


Nate Samuelson’s grade seven advisory students are most excited about kayaking!

I’m excited about kayaking because I’ve done that before in California, and I’m excited to spend time with my friends on the bus and in the water! – June

This is Megan’s first year at KIS and she’s nervous about trying something totally new but thinks kayaking will be fun. Elijah and Davine are also excited to kayak. The last time Davine kayaked she was three!

One thing the advisory students are a little nervous about is the water test experiment – every grade seven has to be a scientist during that activity! Aria enjoys science and is excited for the water test experiment. It’s fun to learn more about the natural world! Omar agrees the water test experiment will be fun. Yoon likes science too, because he appreciates the challenge of making and testing a hypothesis. Junseo worries he is bad at science and hopes the water test isn’t graded. Junseo probably doesn’t need to be nervous though – Mr. Samuelson’s advisory is a great group of helpers!


Denise Brohm and Meaghan O’Dell both have grade eight advisories. While the outdoor itinerary includes a craft activity and fun photo challenge, most students are thinking only of ziplining.

I am excited about zip lining because I have not done it recently. Also, I think zip lining will be most challenging because I am a little scared. – Haruna

I am excited about zip-lining for the first time. I am nervous about falling or getting hurt. – Yousif

I am excited but also nervous about the zipline. I am excited for the zipline because it seems like a lot of fun, but on the other hand I think it will be frightening once I actually get on the line. I think ziplining will also be my biggest challenge. – Juwon

The KIS community is so happy to hear about all of the EE adventures! Let’s check in with these advisories next week to hear more about their days away.

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