First Day Of School!

Happy first day of school! Below, elementary, middle and high school students consider the year ahead.

On the first day of school, elementary students meet their classmates and teachers on the field. New and returning friends are all thinking about the year ahead! Siddhi is excited to learn new things in grade one, especially more about music. In grade two, Kanishka is happy to make new friends. She will be looking for new students who need a friend this year. Sean loves PE because he enjoys exercising. Yuna is in grade three and is planning to make good grades this year. And as Malak starts another year at KIS, he says he is excited about everything, but most excited for recess.

During the grade ten autonomous block, KIS high schoolers shared what they are looking forward to this year. Andrew loves math and will enjoy the challenge of pre-calculus. Jane and Rachel are both involved in multiple clubs – including Actions Of Compassion, Social Justice, and Creative Writing – and plan to make a difference through those commitments. Alyssa is excited for her first AP class, AP Biology. Violet likes the EE program and is ready for the three day trip coming up at the end of this month.


This group of StuCo executives and officers will soon be joined by grade level representatives to help build the middle school community. Already, first event plans are underway. A few students offered their school year hopes. Priyam is in grade six this year and finds getting older weird but fun. Growing is great! Ahmad is glad to be a StuCo officer this year and will continue to welcome new friends. Janghyun enjoys acting and is looking forward to performing in another KIS production. Juri is excited for so many things this year, including serving as a StuCo executive, planning middle school socials, and participating in the soccer jamboree.

Thank you KIS students for sharing first thoughts on the year ahead! 



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