Grade Three Research & Art Expo


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This week grade three students hosted an art expo and sale with proceeds donated to the World Wildlife Fund. Before the sale, art teach Marsha Bycraft talked with her students. She told them she expected their work to sell quickly because it’s good work! She arrived for the second half of the sale and found most students had already sold the majority of their pieces to fellow students, teachers and parents. Classroom teacher Stacy Trihn thinks the third graders were well prepared for their art expo after hosting a market day earlier this year. Students understood how to talk about their art and its purpose with their patrons.

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Grade three students raised about fourteen hundred dollars to donate to the World Wildlife Fund. That is enough money to support twenty-five endangered animals! Below are a few examples of student research presentations. These are animals the WWF helps.

SeiWhale Jacoby learned all about the Sei whale

MalayanTiger Joel researched the Malayan tiger

ArticWolf Jonah can tell you about the Arctic wolf

Take a look at the first post covering the grade three TDU. Hear more from grade three students about their learning. And take time to read two teachers’ reflections on the TDU process.

Sarah Donaldson, Sally Merriman, Jon Barry and Stacy Trinh are classroom teachers. Specialty teachers involved are Jeremy Jacobsen, KoLAB; David Lee, Design; Megan Godek, Technology; Marsha Bycraft, Art; and Megan Greene, Library.

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