The Great Grade 7 EE!

This spring all middle school EE trips contended with rain! But seventh graders took on the adventure and fun of exploring in the mist, cooking barbecue, and building community through games and challenges. Here, Janghyun tells about the grade seven EE trip.

The seventh grade EE trip was an exceptionally memorable experience for many students. In fact, most of them said they would at least give it a nine on a scale of one to ten. One of the highlights of the trip was clamming. The students had to trek through mud to dig for clams hidden under the surface. At first, everyone was very cautious about getting mud on themselves, but by the end of the activity, they didn’t care about that anymore and dug down fiercely to find as many clams as possible. Another once-in-a-lifetime experience was the four hour hike. The students were dropped off by the buses at a spot twelve km away from their hotel, and they had to hike all the way back. As the hardest and longest hike out of all the EE trips, it was necessary for the students to be persistent and learn to persevere while walking along beaches and over mountains. Along the way, they even had a chance to see the only sand dune in Korea. Overall, the trip was a meaningful experience for everyone and helped create many long-lasting memories.

Thanks Janghyun for the story! Thanks grade seven advisory teachers Robert Mijares and Nate Samuelson for the photos!
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