KIS Coloring Book Pairs Art & Compassion

Every other year the KIS art department puts together a coloring book made of student artist contributions. This was the first year the coloring book featured art from elementary, middle and high school students! Students in grades three through twelve drew pictures related to the theme Animals & Abstract. After the sale, the art department turned to the service learning team and the student club Actions Of Compassion to find a cause. They agreed the one million won could be donated to the Nabiya Cat Shelter where students volunteer monthly. A coloring book full of animals whose sale helps cats: purrfect.



KIS art teachers Candice Kim, Marsha Bycraft, Hannah Cone and Spencer Selbo encouraged students to leave a legacy of creativity and compassion through this project. Thank you Hannah Cone for the story. Some text taken from the KIS Coloring Book foreword. 
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