Fun Clubs At Seoul Campus!

Grade three student Jayden tells us about the great clubs offered at Seoul Campus this spring.

Seoul campus kids are brought to the field and get ready for clubs! Clubs were started in February and was inspired by Mr. O’Connor and Ms. Elle. The first clubs were made by a person called Mr. Rich. Kids meet every Tuesday to Friday to learn and do fun clubs. There are 24 clubs in the Spring Session.

These are some examples of the clubs we have: Jammin’ Sports Club, which is a club that is for grades two through five, and was led by Mr. Suker and Mr. Wilson. It has popular games such as dodgeball or soccer. This club is a club for people that are good at sports. It is one of the clubs that are for free at KIS.

SCModel2Another fun club is Model Airplane Club, which is a club for grades two through five. It is led by Mr.Shaw. This club is a club that makes mini airplanes that actually move! It is a club that costs about 85,500 KRW.

One club that is for the lower years students is Beginning Chinese. It’s for kindergarten to grade two. It’s a club that helps lower years learn more Chinese. Ms. Whitney teaches kids how to speak in Chinese.

Clubs are so much fun because we get to learn new things and go on fun adventures in a different way than we get to do during the day.  I can’t wait to see which clubs will be offered in the fall!

Take a look at photos from other Seoul Campus spring clubs including Free Choice, Creative Construction, Newspaper Craft, Musical Jumprope, The Return Of Strings, and Model Airplane Building.

Photos from SC faculty.

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