Sparks Of Blue & White!


Grade 8 Shakira, StuCo Associate Head Of School, updates us on the work and fun of MS StuCo, looking back to April and telling what to expect now.

With every exciting event we host, we would always put in all of our blood, sweat and tears. As our 17/18 school year is about to end, let’s think back over our past month. StuCo held many memorable and fun events that showcased school spirit. For instance, in April we had our MS Talent Show, followed by our awesome Pep Rally and StuCo’s Global Citizenship Project.

Remember StuCo, whatever you do, always be enthusiastic and sprinkle happy powder on all the students!

Trevor Cory, MS StuCo advisor

MSstuco4The talent shows we host over the years are always filled with impressive, talented people who pump up the PAC with various mind blowing acts! Since everyone was pumped with spirit, the following week we held our very first Pep Rally. Everyone in StuCo worked hard to build up a spirited atmosphere by wearing our blue StuCo shirts, shouting our grade cheers and running various games and activities. We received plenty of great comments from our teachers and friends stating that this is the best assembly they have attended, the games were really interesting and creative, and the way we presented the Gotchas was different and unique. All of us were flushed with success and though we didn’t have any other major events to run, we carried on perfecting our Global Citizenship Project.

This Global Citizenship Project that all the StuCo members had to accomplish aimed to develop an appreciation and understanding of world cultures, communities, and perspectives. We had to go volunteer at a shelter or charity chosen by ourselves and volunteer for at least an hour individually or with a partner. Then we had to document the journey by making a vlog and write a short reflection of each step in our blogs. There were a total of five steps. The first is choosing the charity, the second is contacting the charity and asking questions, the third is visiting the charity, the fourth is promoting the charity through our vlogs and last, finding the needs of the charity. Everyone showcased their journey through their vlogs and blog posts we wrote.  We want to inspire other students to do the same by becoming global citizens like us.

Check out a few Global Citizenship Projects by Hannah & Kaelyn, Shakira & Kristen, William, and Daniel.

The month of April was filled with lots of successes and we’re really looking forward to finishing out the year strong! The list of events we will host in May include the 8th Grade Lock In, the Legacy Day project, Summa Sizzla, Farewell Ceremony, and the 8th grade Graduation Ceremony. All the StuCo members are always working hard to build a great “finish off strong” atmosphere by making the upcoming events lit and full of school spirit! I hope all of you liked the events we ran in April and are looking forward to the events we have left.

Thank you Shakira for writing this post and thank you MS faculty for sharing photos.

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