Seoul Campus Does Battle Of The Books!

Seoul Campus fifth grader James tells us about his fun at this year’s Battle Of The Books.

Battle Of The Books 2018 took place at Pangyo Campus at the end of April. Battle Of The Books is a book competition held once a year. There were ten books in total that we had to read. International schools from all over Korea are part of Battle Of The Books. This year, our school wasn’t as lucky as last year. Anyways, our school still gets credits for trying our best.


The ten books this year was Book Scavenger, Mr. Lemoncello, Teddy Mars, Mr.Terupt, Hatchet, Kensuke’s Kingdom, The Wild Robot, An Eagle In The Snow, How To Eat Fried Worms, and Ms Bixby’s Last Day.

SCBOB7Our Seoul Campus team had eleven kids in total, including me. For months, our team practiced hard for the competition every Tuesday after school. There were also three teachers who were part of Battle Of The Books. Ms.Kathlyn, Ms.Kim and Mr. Wilson. Each kid was an expert at one book. Since there were eleven kids, two kids were an expert at one book.

School kids did an activity about one book every week. For example, the teachers asked us questions about the book and we had to answer it. There were also more fun activities involving the book. We also ate many snacks.

SCBOB1One week before the competition, kids practiced two different kinds of rounds that we did in the competition. The battle round and the lightning round. The battle round is when the judge ask a question about the book, and you have to answer it. The lightning round is when the judge states a fact about a book, you have to answer what book it is. We practiced it for a week.

Finally, the day had arrived. We wore our competition uniform.

When we arrived at Pangyo Campus, we read our expert books one more time to make sure we knew everything. Finally it was competition time. The competition took place in many classrooms.

There were eight schools who were in the Battle Of The Books 2018. The first school we faced was SFS. They were very competitive. They got one incorrect while we got four. We also faced many other schools. We won some and lost some. Every round was tough.

SCBOB2Unfortunately, our school couldn’t reach semi final. If we had won one more round, we could have had a higher chance to reach semi final. The two schools that reached semi final were Pangyo Campus and SFS. SFS won every single round. (Last year, our school beat Pangyo Campus but this year we weren’t so lucky). Everyone on our team wanted to leave because we didn’t reach semi final, but the teachers said we had to watch the semi final. The semi final took place in the middle school theatre.

Thank you Crystal Lang, Kathlyn Cho and other SC faculty for the pictures. Also take a look at our article about Pangyo ES preparing and participating in this same great Battle Of The Books!

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