Bookmark9Meet Danika and Jisoo, two Pangyo fifth grade artists whose bookmark designs are now printed and ready to share with the whole elementary school! Elementary librarian Megan Greene challenged students to create bookmarks celebrating a nation of diverse readers. If you walked by Mrs. Greene’s library a couple of months ago, you probably saw a bulletin board of thirteen bookmark designs. Mrs. Greene asked students and teachers to vote for their favorites.

I asked Danika and Jisoo what prompted them to enter the competition and how they came up with their designs. Danika decided to try something new when she submitted her work. It’s daring to share your creativity with the whole school! She liked the idea of using different languages to represent the diversity of our readers. Look closely at her bookmark and you’ll see the word book written in a number of languages! Jisoo was inspired to design a bookmark after friends were doing the same. She loves to read and draw, so this project was a perfect fit! Jisoo’s bookmark features a clever way to tell the world what you think of the book you’re reading. Take a look below.


One more person designed a bookmark for KIS. Visiting author Anne Sibley O’Brien took time to illustrate her own message for us.


Take a look at the other final designs below!

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Thank you Pangyo ES librarian Megan Greene for the story idea and sharing final bookmarks. Thank you Danika and Jisoo for taking time to talk! 

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