Grade 4 & 5 Boys’ Retreat!

Seoul campus fourth graders Joon and Andrew tell us about their first KIS Boys’ Retreat hosted at Pangyo campus the last weekend of April.

Boys’ Retreat was a camping night with only boys. The reason KIS hosted this event is because they wanted kids to make new friends. We played wonderful activities like Hunger Games, basketball and watched a movie until 1am!

When we first got to Pangyo, we were very excited. After getting off the bus we dashed up to the field to play. Then we were sorted into teams. The teams had names like Aliens, Good Droids, Rebels, and First Order. Teams were also divided into Good and Evil for dodgeball.

After the amazing sport activities, we were sweating A LOT so we chilled down a bit, then had pizza for dinner. Everyone had at least two pieces of pizza. Then it was about 9pm. We carried our stuff we needed to sleep into the conference hall. We watched the movie Star Wars: The Clone Wars which was about an hour and forty minutes long.

We had to wake up early in the morning to prepare to go home. Almost everyone refused to wake up. Well, the teachers woke us up no matter what. After everyone packed the things they used to sleep, we left the conference hall to go to the cafeteria. Then we had leftover pizza from the night before, a piece of cheesecake, milk and a granola bar. After we finished breakfast, our parents came to pick us up.

All in all, Boys’ Retreat was a fascinating activity/ jamboree to make new friends and enjoy wonderful time with them. For us personally, we made lots of friends that day. It will remain a memory too precious to leave it the past.

Photos from SC faculty

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