Seoul Campus Presents “Annie Jr!”

Seoul campus fifth grader Chloe C. tells us about the Drama Club’s presentation of “Annie Jr.”

Annie1Are you interested in musicals or plays? Seoul Campus is glad to present the musical Annie Jr. on May 23, 2018. The directors – Ms. Elizabeth Whitney, Ms. Laura Sterner, and Ms. Crystal Lang – and cast have been working hard for months, and we are almost ready to hit the stage. The musical is about a young orphan named Annie wanting to find her parents, and experiences fabulous adventures that she never thought possible. Join me in the process of making Seoul Campus Annie possible.

Annie3Everyone was nervous when the cast was announced for the production. All of us had sung and danced, hoping to get the part we had wished for. We all had tried our best, and most of the people were more or less pleased with the part they received.  Talía H, a fifth grader, was cast as the main role of playing Annie.

The whole cast worked super hard to fulfill the expectations set for the certain day we were practicing. Annie and the orphans sang and danced “Hard Knock Life” over and over to get it perfect. And “I think I’m Gonna Like it Here” was very exhausting for the people in the song, because there was so much dancing that had to be done over and over again. Not to mention NYC, the busy, crowding scene, which involved a lot of the people in the production.

Annie10Ms. Whitney, Ms. Sterner, and Ms. Lang had to pull people in during recesses just to squeeze in some extra time, effort and skill. The time was used to spice up the parts we already memorized up a bit, to make the most out of Annie. The directors arranged rehearsals on weekends to make sure everything was the best. The directors sure wanted pure perfection!  

Annie7I hope we make Annie Jr. our best to show how much practice we had to do, and I hope everyone will enjoy our hard work. The cast worked night and day, practicing singing and dancing. Our directors are so proud of our accomplishments since the first day. The play will be at Sudo High School. There will be a small fee of a couple of dollars, and we hope you can give some donations to Drama Club.

Everyone worked so hard in hopes to please our audience, and we worked hard in every club like no tomorrow, except that we had to practice “Tomorrow” too. Overall, we are all very excited for our musical and we are proud to show the audience our acting, singing, and dancing talents. We hope you can join us for Annie Jr., and be dazzled by our incredible talent!

What a fantastic peek into Drama Club’s preparation for next week’s performance! Thank you Chloe! Illustration by Chloe and photos contributed by SC faculty. 

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