A Day At Dasarong Farm

Grade nine advisory teachers Jane Clarke and Kim McKelvie tell us about the class’s day at Dasarong Farm. For a student perspective, take a look at Claire’s article in The Herald Tomorrow.

On April 25th, the ninth grade community of teachers and students spent the day at Dasarong Farm. With the help of Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Ball, Mr. Persaud, & Mr. Smith, all of the grade nine advisories split into groups to work on the small community farm run by Pastor San. In the morning, students cleared weeds and brush from multiple fields. After lunch outside, under a beautiful, warm April sky, students got back to work planting corn and other greens. More students returned to continue the morning’s work on the undeveloped field and managed to completely clear it and prepare it for tilling and planting. When everyone left at the end of the day, the farm’s four fields were drastically changed. Students learned how to safely and effectively use various farm tools from the expert guidance of Pastor San and his residents that help run the farm. From an advisor’s point of view, our students exhibited positive attitudes, a great collective work ethic, and a commitment to helping make a change on the farm. It was amazing to see the progression of each field as the day wore on. Now, because of the help we could offer Dasarong Farm, the fields will produce some of the basic food staples for Dasarong residents. We hope that KIS can continue this partnership and support this local community group.

Photos and video from Scott Smith, Media Developer. Take a look at the fall 2017 grade nine EE trip Testing The Waters.

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