The Moon Project


A few months ago, grade five students were learning about surviving in different environments. When one group of boys wanted to know what it’d be like to live on the moon, they designed a habitat and asked their teacher, Jeremy Jacobsen, if they could build their station. Yes. Give it a try. Using recycled materials and a corner of a KoLAB room, the boys modified their design as they built, learning about safety features and procedures, studying space programs and potential moon habitation. At some point, the crew decided to live in their habitat for a weekend. Could they ration food, send a rover out for water, monitor the oxygen supply, and conduct research while sharing a crowded space? When principal Mrs. Rich asked the crew to scale back to one day of moon habitation, they were initially disappointed, though each agrees that was the better plan. Turns out living on the moon is tough. Even with the promise of pizza upon reentry.

A couple of weeks ago, I sat with this crew – Shelbe, Nicholas, Joshua and Isaiah – and we talked about the inspiration for their Moon Project, the fun of the process and the adventure of their day on the moon. You can also take a look at Shelbe’s YouTube channel for more about the fun and challenge of the project.

Two favorite clips from the Moon Project

Thanks so much Shelbe, Nicholas, Joshua and Isaiah for talking about your Moon Project! Photos and video clips from Jeremy Jacobsen – what fun you’ve inspired! Interview with Sarah Marslender.

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