Poetry Out Loud

This week a small group of teachers and students gathered to celebrate poetry. Three middle school students and about a dozen high school students recited poetry from memory, following the Poetry Out Loud guidelines. Though students were competing, the afternoon felt more like a comfortable get together of friends who just enjoy good poetry. The audience was supportive and kind – each student recited two poems and it was fun to hear new and familiar poems given depth by the speaker’s voice and choices.

The high school finalists selected to recite a third poem were Felix, Jihee, Alice, Sabine, Disha and Karen. Sabine, Karen and Alice finished in the top spots. One of the poems Sabine recited is “They are hostile nations” by Margaret Atwood. Karen recited “Who Said It Was Simple” by Audre Lorde and Alice recited “When You Are Old” by William Butler Yeats. Read more at Poetry Foundation.


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