Grade Five Races The Iditarod

Seoul Campus grade five learned about the Iditarod, the great Alaskan dog sled race. Students explored the race’s terrain, challenges and dangers, and recreated the Iditarod culture by hosting a Mushers’ Banquet. Students even drafted their own dream teams and followed the race real time. Below, three grade five students share their experiences.

Mushers’ Banquet by Talia

The fifth graders at Seoul campus learned about the Iditarod trail. To celebrate their Fantasy Iditarod Draft Race they are did an Iditarod tradition….The Mushers’ Banquet! The Mushers’ Banquet consists of figuring out your placement in the race and eating food!

Figuring out the placement in the Iditarod involves pulling numbers out of a mukluk, which is a traditional Alaskan boot. We didn’t have a real mukluk so we used an UGG boot. After pulling out our numbers we picked our Iditarod dream team. Sadly not all the people got who they wanted. But after picking your musher we do the thing we have been waiting for.

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Sled Making by Chloe C

The fifth grade Iditarod Project involved us fifth graders making sleds that should be able to drag us and carry a certain amount of weight. This project was the start of our Iditarod transdisciplinary unit, and our teachers thought this was a perfect way to involve design and crafting. The class was divided into groups that our teachers chose that would be our “team.” We were supposed to work together and used recycled materials to make the best sled possible. We were also provided with a flat piece of thin wood board to help build the sled.

We started out by planning our sled shape and model. We sketched out the ideas and listed our materials. My team included Jenny, James, Evan and me. After our teams finished drafting and sketching, we moved on to the actual building on the sled.

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Dangers Of The Iditarod by Talia

Ever wonder what the greatest dog race in the world is? Well the answer to that is the Iditarod. Most people think that the Iditarod is a just a simple sled race that adults ride to receive money. But it’s not like that at all. The Iditarod is the most dangerous and difficult race ever known to man! You, my young friend, will soon know all the dangers of the Iditarod.

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Storytelling The Iditarod by Jenny

The fifth graders worked on a project that was related to Alaska. Also the fifth graders had to write a story from their dog’s point of view and also their musher’s point of view. The fifth graders chose topics such as the gold rush, balto, natural disasters in Alaska and much more. The fifth graders learned about figurative language to include in their stories.

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Thank you Crystal Lang, SC grade three teacher, for coordinating the telling of this story.

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