Battle Of The Books!

This year KIS Pangyo elementary hosted the Battle Of The Books! On a Saturday earlier this month, seven schools, including KIS Seoul Campus, sent a total of fifteen teams to battle all things book.

KIS Pangyo BoB club started practicing for this year’s battle last December when thirty-six fourth and fifth graders formed four teams and began reading. The ten titles all students read include five Morning Calm books and five parallel texts. Morning Calm books are new publications celebrated by librarians of international schools in Korea BOB7and the parallel texts include old favorites whose plots or themes are similar to the Morning Calm selections. For example, the Morning Calm selection Book Scavenger by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman is paired with Mr. Lemoncello’s Library Olympics by Chris Grabenstein – both books send their characters on book-centered adventures. When teams show their book knowledge, the parallel texts up the challenge. Was that detail part of Book Scavenger? Was this character in Mr. Lemoncello or Book Scavenger?

BOB13Teams read on a deadline. Each week, students practiced the different types of questions they’d expect at the battle. Battle round questions are specific to a single book and require a full answer while lightning round questions can be about any of the books and are answered with a single title. Coaches Ginny Nakauchi, Megan Greene, Leann Norton and Becky Majors created different activities for each week’s practice. By the day of the battle, all four KIS teams were ready!

Battle Of The Books opens with a round robin of five rounds. From there, four teams enter the semifinals. This year TCIS faced off against one KIS Pangyo team while SFS faced off against another KIS Pangyo team. The final round was between SFS and KIS Pangyo, with SFS winning the competition. Way to go SFS! And way to go all of this year’s readers!

Take a look at ES librarian Megan Greene’s BoB site for more about the event and a complete list of the 2017-2018 titles. Consider joining the fun next school year at the elementary or middle school level. Thank you so much to all schools’ coaches, teams and parent volunteers for making this year’s event so much fun!

Thank you Megan Greene for sharing this story and providing pictures!


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