2D Studio Art Class On A Friday

Hannah Cone’s 2D Studio Art students had a full class today finishing pieces and artist statements for the Transformation themed art exhibit. Because the show allowed students to experiment with any medium, their options went beyond the 2D parameters of the class. A few students commented on what they enjoy about creating work for the upcoming show.


Above: Hannah worked with cardboard and acrylic paint. She enjoyed adding 3D pieces over her 2D painting, contributing to the surrealistic style of her work.


Above: Thomas worked with paper, pencil and acrylic paint. He practiced shading techniques and appreciated the chance to add fantasy and symbolism to his project. This work is new and unusual for him and he is proud.


Above: Peter worked with glass, spray paint, acrylic paint and canvas board to make his 3D work. He had a lot of ideas and had to make several decisions to combine the many elements into a cohesive work.

Look for finished work on display at Pangyo campus the week of 16 April.


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