Seoul Campus Celebrates The Lunar New Year

James, a grade five student at Seoul Campus, recounts their Lunar New Year celebration.

KIS Seoul campus had a Lunar  New Year celebration. A lunar break is a spring festival that is celebrated by many countries in Asia. It begins with the first new moon of the lunar calendar. Our Chinese and Korean classes help us celebrate Lunar New Year.

SCLN5We had many different kinds of performances. We started off with the kindergarten and third grade singing a Chinese song called Gong Xi Ni Ya. They sang that song because it means good luck. The kids were adorable when they sang that song. Next were JK singing a Korean song about new year. I used to sing that song when I was young.

SCLN3After that it was about the Nian monster in China. The Nian monster only appears on the new year in China and kills people. People were afraid  so they performed lion dances and put up red writings since Nian monster hates red. First graders made costumes of Nian and some lions and acted it out. After this it was three third graders doing taekwondo. I have done taekwondo for years and went up to half red and half black belt. Fourth graders talked about the story of a lion and the fifth graders sang a Chinese song. All of these performances were entertaining and taught us more about Lunar New Year.

Once we watched and performed in all the performances, there were three rotations intended to teach Chinese and Korean traditions. We traveled with our house teams. The first activity that my house team did was playing Korean traditional games. It was pretty challenging. Next stop was Chinese dumpling making. Chinese people eats these. Finally, we were making money bags which is part of Korean tradition.

This is a wonderful Seoul Campus tradition that students can look forward to every year.

Photos from Seoul Campus educators.

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