National History Day

Many Pangyo high school students participate in NHD each year. Read about this year’s theme and take a look at a few of the presentations.

National History Day was a great success for Korea International School students. Passionate about a variety of historical topics and areas, students came together to share their ideas and compete in the NHD contest. Under the theme of Conflict & Compromise students selected a wide variety of topics, ranging from 20th century Korea all the way to the Marbury vs Madison court case.

Research paper on Maybury vs Madison

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This year’s guiding prompt from the National History Day site: Each year National History Day uses a theme to provide a lens to study history. The theme is always broad enough so that you can select topics from any place (local, national, or world history) and any time period. Once you choose your topic, you investigate historical context, historical significance, and the topic’s relationship to the theme by conducting research in libraries, archives, and museums; through oral history interviews; and by visiting historic sites. This year’s theme, Conflict & Compromise in History, requires you to view history through multiple perspectives. Compromise can sometimes prevent a conflict, but what happens when it does not? If a conflict occurs, how can compromise help to end the conflict? What happens if a failed compromise leads to an even larger conflict? Throughout this academic year, you will need to ask yourself these questions and more.

By exploring such a historical topic in depth, students are able to acquire skills to synthesize and analyze information. Making connections and establishing variables within research, students have been able to grow and learn as a history scholar. Students describe this as a great learning experience to explore different historical topics and learn about various perspectives within a historical context. Almost half of the KIS students who competed on Saturday placed first, second, or third. We clearly have some very talented students. Students who placed first or second have been invited to attend the NHD Contest in Maryland in June.

Take a look at this year’s NHD winners and participants

Thank you Naryeong (grade 11) for the article. Thank you Sharon Gillette, high school Social Studies teacher, for sharing a selection of NHD projects. 

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