Great Harmony


Next week band and orchestra students will perform chamber music. This week all duets, trios and quartets are still practicing – listen to clip of Dr. Mi Hye Kang’s Phoenix Orchestra class play their pieces all at once.

A few of the pieces practiced include Haydn’s Quartet No. 2, Op.76. Of working with his fellow musicians, Nick says, “There’s great harmony amongst the four of us.” Another group is perfecting Prokofiev’s Quartet No. 2, Op. 92. Yonje describes the piece as “Modern compared to what we’ve done before. It’s heavy on dynamics and intonation which is why precision is necessary.” Jae talks about Mozart’s Divertimento in D Major, “The music isn’t as complex but the subtleties create beauty.” Sanghee adds, “It’s light, sort of a childish tone. It seems easy to play until you match with the rest of the group.” Both Jae and Sanghee agree that the point of playing music at all is for the challenge and fun of making a piece work.

Hear the well rehearsed pieces performed next Tuesday, March 20 at 4:30pm in the Mini Auditorium, 5:00 in the Conference Hall, and 5:30 in the PAC.

Thank you Claire for starting this conversation.

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