Amazing Aquarium Trip!

Seoul Campus second graders recently visited the Lotteworld Aquarium. Here to tell the story are classmates Hannah and Isaac.

Do you like the aquarium? The second graders at Seoul Campus do! We went to the aquarium to see amazing sea animals. We took pictures. We even had fun on transportation to go there! Read more to find out what we did.

We saw lots of different sea animals in the aquarium. “My favorite animal in the aquarium was the piranha!” said Ella. We saw lots of sea animals because we want to learn about animals. Do you like sea animals too?

SCAquarium6We took many pictures of sea animals while we were at the aquarium. We took pictures of sea animals to research about it. “The best picture I took was seals swimming around,” said Jayden. “I like Belugas!” exclaimed Seil. You should try taking pictures and researching sea life too!

SCAquarium8We rode public transportation to go to the aquarium. We rode the subway to help the environment. It helps the environment by not giving many emissions. We had lots of fun riding the subway. Try using transportation that doesn’t harm the environment a lot.

We like the aquarium because it was fun and we could learn about sea animals. The aquarium is a great place to learn about how fish live. Go to an aquarium right now!

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Photos shared by Seoul Campus educators.

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