Eco Trade Show!

Pangyo’s grade five Eco Trade Show was a success! Students arrived ready to share their environmental issues research and present solutions to problems. The grade five team and all supporting specialist teachers are so proud of this group of students! Please take a look at photos and video from the day of, and student and teacher responses to the experience after.


Students Share Their Experiences

Remember hearing from Jay Keshaw’s students before the Eco Trade Show? Here they return to talk about what the day was like.

Teachers Share Their Experiences

I was impressed with how the Eco Trade Show went! I especially enjoyed visiting my students’ booths and acting as a guest. It was enriching to be able to listen to my students present their projects and be able to ask them questions about their products. All of them were proud of their work!

Susan Snell

Dave Archer and Christine Canales take a moment to reflect on the stress before the Eco Trade Show, how their students took responsibility for their learning and impressed guests. They also celebrate the whole transdisciplinary team of teachers who worked alongside students throughout the trimester.

Thank you Scott Smith for the highlights video and Pangyo grade five team for photos.Thank you also David Lee, Jeremy Jacobsen, Megan Greene and Megan Godek for your awesome specialist support of the Eco Trade Show! Check out Christine Canales’s post introducing the unit and the post checking in with grade five classes as they finished prepping for their show. 

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