Everything You Want To Know About Your PE Team

PE teachers make us get up and move! Here is a peek at the Pangyo middle and high school PE teachers’ favorites, including their personal exercise routines. 

Warm Up Like A PE Teacher!

Start with a workout of the day challenge to wake up your body. Or run around playing a tag game to jump into cardio. Or get the class together to play tails.

Must Move. Need Music.

Check out these PE department recommended music apps to energize your workout!

Fitradio features kickboxing and cooldown playlists
Jango is where you’ll find hot dance pop
And YouTube for whatever flavor of pop you’re in the mood to move to

When It’s Good To Play Games

One of the best parts of any PE class are the fun games you get to play. A few middle and high school class favorites are

Kickball, including a fast paced variation called Switch It
Hunger Games & Capture The Flag which rely on teamwork to play
Fort Ball & Maximus, two strategy based dodgeball games
And Kin Ball which needs cooperation and communication to work

At The (Beginning Or) End Of The Day…

Our PE teachers enjoy the fun and challenge of encouraging students to exercise. Each PE teacher has a few ways they make sure to keep in shape too. On Tuesday nights Matt Quade, Nick Ball and Ryan McKelvie play basketball with other KIS teachers. Matt Quade is also training for a March marathon, keeping a strict program to help him reach a personal best time. Rich Lunardo also likes to run. Rich runs along the Tancheon, power rows using fitness center machines, and lifts heavy weights.

Ryan McKelvie plays ice hockey for a local team and with an expat club which means he sometimes doesn’t get home until after one in the morning! He says it’s worth it. Ryan also works out in our very own fitness center – if you need any tips on technique, feel free to ask him after school.

Kim McKelvie swims and works out before school Tuesday through Friday to stay in shape. Due to a busy coaching schedule, she has minimal time after school but still finds a way to sneak it into her schedule. Occasionally she will play volleyball with an expat club on the weekends.

Aly Kelley tries to walk everywhere she goes with a goal of walking ten miles a day. She also does Crossfit at a gym near Jeongja. Sundays are Aly’s active rest days when she takes nice, easy walks around her neighborhood.

Wow! Take a cue from KIS PE teachers and find a way to keep moving!

Thank you Kim McKelvie for contributing content

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