Grade 4 Market Day At Seoul Campus

Two awesome fourth graders, Andrew and Steve, tell about the Market Day their class hosted.

Earlier this month Mr. Greene’s fourth grade class hosted a Market Day Exposition. The fourth grade sold items they made at home. They also made ads to help their product sell faster. Everyone who came to the Market Day got a random amount of money from five to ten dollars.

These Market Day products are (l to r) Mr. Piggybank, Amazing iPad Holder and Cap Pallet.

The whole purpose for the Market Day, was for all the fourth grade students to learn how business works, including getting profit, losing profit, production cost, ads, and money. Mr. Greene also participated in the Market day Expo because the market needed competition. He wanted some kids to lose profit to show that businesses do not always succeed. In the end, the fourth grade calculated the percentages of each person’s profit. Everyone in the end made money except one student.

The goal for all students was to make profit, and sell all your products. Every student had their choice to make anything they wanted to sell. Some students thought about the production cost or time it took to make the product. Other students wanted to make something useful or entertaining. In the end, only three students sold all their products, well actually, three students and one teacher. That’s right, Mr. Greene sold all his products too! Mr. Greene, sold all of his CCCs or Clover Coke Cups, little plants. In the end, many kids left the Market holding prized products they bought with their money. Now all kids are at home are enjoying whatever they bought at the  Market Day Expo.

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Thank you SC educators for contributing Market Day photos!

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