Awesome Season For Varsity Boys Basketball

Pangyo high senior Danny celebrates the Varsity Boys Basketball Conference Championship and ASIA Championship. Here he gives his personal take on the season.

This season has been one thrilling ride. Starting at tryouts, I didn’t know the season would turn out this good. Sometimes I look back and still can’t believe the feat that we accomplished as a team. Before the season many kids were nervous, anxious, and scared for the first tall mountain we had to climb, tryouts. Coach Ball gave us this quote before tryouts:

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Even though I made the team with hope and ambition, it was my first year in Varsity Basketball. I am senior who was looking around at guys who were younger, faster, and smarter. For me it was no different than being in JV for three years but I wanted to make a difference to the program in my last year at KIS. I worked hard to prove what I was worth to the coaches.

During practices we made shots, lots of them, and grabbed plenty of rebounds and believed that this was the year to win it all. But facing giants in our first contest was a disappointment and a setback mentally for our team. It was like SFS slapped us in the face. We took a step back and talked, practiced, and bonded. As soon as we realized we won the Conference Championship with a record of 9-1, we were looking at Andy, our captain who hit that game-winning three against our rival SIS in the AISA championship game to take us to the promised land we were talking about since day one.

With tears of joy rushing down our faces, I still remember that day as leaving a mark for the KIS basketball legacy. As a senior I cannot be more proud to call these thirteen boys (who turn into men in situations that matter) family. Lastly, I want to thank our supportive parents, coaches, and school for making this all come true, thank you.




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