A Field Trip To Seoul Children’s Museum!

Last month, the PK and JK students took a field trip to the legendary Seoul Children’s Museum to have some fun adventures. It was a chilly, snowy day so it was perfect for the students to be inside. Children enjoyed themselves by playing with light and sound, dressing up, building, riding toy transportations, making crafts, and much more. There are a total of three floors in the museum and PK/JK visited all of them! It was an exciting experience for the kids.

The little kids made houses out of blocks and pretended to be builders. The kids made cozy little homes to sleep, cook, and play! Most kids enjoy doing this but these kids adored it!  The little kids also participated in rocket activities and learned about them and how they operate.     

Childrensmuseum2After plenty of play, it was time for lunch. On the top floor the kids and teachers participated in a thrilling indoor picnic eating their lunch brought from home while sitting on a big blanket.    

The the kids were delighted when they began to create music on pots and pans. They loved how the sound of the cooking supplies made music. They laughed and had fun when the puppet show came and played with them, and they soon got to play with some puppets and have fun. Very soon they were able to blast off into outer space in a space themed room with their classmates.

ChildrensMuseum3The favorite of all the activities was the water table section. The PK and JKs had lots and lots of fun because there were small streams the kids could touch, balls to play with, and water guns to shoot targets. It seemed like the kids enjoyed themselves!

Other activities included the big shadow screen, where the kids transformed themselves into butterflies and other creatures. Shadows are cool things when it comes to play and fun. The kids were incredibly sad to leave and they are hoping to go back to the museum.

Article by Seoul Campus fifth graders Chloe and Talia. Photos from Seoul Campus JK teacher Kailyn McLean

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