Eco Trade Show Is Built On Collaboration

The fifth grade Eco Trade Show is this Friday! Before we celebrate final products, campaigns and presentations, let’s appreciate the students’ collaborative learning process. 

This trimester, Pangyo grade five students studied one of five environmental concerns and individually proposed solutions to help our earth. Students learned about

Wasteful water consumption
Greenhouse gas emission
Farming environmental problems
Garbage and waste pollution and
Species extinction

and practiced Design Thinking to address a specific environmental need. Grade five students teamed up with Jonathan Dawson’s AP Environmental Science students over the course of the unit, getting valuable problem solving feedback, while high school students learned how to teach or guide younger students through the design process. Both teachers and students appreciate the collaboration across grade levels. Below are their perspectives.

High school senior Jake shares his perspective on “The Benefits Of Cooperative Learning” in the Herald Insight.

In this clip fifth grade teachers Jay Keshaw and Dave Archer talk about the parameters of the project and the benefits of students mentoring students.

In this clip fifth graders talk about the process and consider challenges of presenting their products or campaigns at the Eco Trade Fair.

In this clip fifth graders talk about their high school mentors and think about how that role matters to the learning process. More, they realize they already are mentors to younger students.

Susan Snell’s fifth graders reflected on their collaboration by writing thoughts on a bulletin board.

And preparing for this Friday’s Eco Trade Show, Christine Canales’s fifth graders spent a last day in KoLAB finishing their prototypes.

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The Eco Trade Show is this Friday! To read more about the start of this unit, check out Christine Canales’s Phoenix Flyer article “From Inspiration To Design.”

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