HS StuCo Events

As 500 high schoolers made their way up to the Phoenix Gym, they were greeted by weeks of effort taking form in hand-made Olympic themed decorations, Student Council’s dance to the hit “Mic Drop” by BTS, the Varsity Cheer team’s KAIAC routine, and three intricately timed games summing up to PepChang 2018, Student Council’s first pep rally of the semester. And as the pep rally came to a triumphant close, and StuCo began taking down the decorations in the Phoenix Gym, they got ready to take a break from the arduous planning of student events – right? Wrong.

HSStuCo1Immediately after the pep rally, StuCo president JD (12) and vice president Alice (12) began taking the frontline for the StuCo Summit, a newly formed leadership summit to be hosted at KIS on February 28th. After class representatives and officers attended the fall KAIAC leadership conference at SIS, they were inspired to create a student-led conference with international schools all over the country coming to build upon the leadership at their schools. 

HSStuCo2While the StuCo Summit is fast approaching, StuCo has also been tackling a variety of projects, one including the school’s theme Building Your Legacy. At the quarter one Legacy Wall, students wrote what legacy means to them, and through the quarter two Legacy Museum, students saw alumni who have contributed to KIS in various forms – from art to drama to creating a school chant – conveying the idea that no matter the form, each student is capable of creating their own legacy. Now with quarter three, advisory lessons ask students what they envision their legacy to be at KIS. 

From bulletin board and skybridge monitoring, to collaboration with the National Honor Society for KIS Random Acts of Kindness (KISRAK), to planning for the upcoming events Mr. KIS and Prom, this year’s StuCo has managed to #makekistory through the variety of amazing things they’ve been doing – keep it up, StuCo!

Story and photos from Pangyo high school senior Amy.

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