The Thinker Library Foundation

KIS junior Leanne is one of the students who founded The Thinker Library. Read on to learn more about their commitment to all kids’ access to books. 

ThinkerLibrary2The Thinker Library Foundation seeks to build public libraries in South Korea and was first established in August of 2017 by a group of motivated students in Korea International School. It was founded to ensure that children, regardless of their social, economic and legal status, have the right to education.

Everyone saves a few books from their childhood – a favorite memory, a past time that they want to cherish. By receiving donations of these books, the Thinker Library Foundation seeks to create a place of imagination for underprivileged children. The Thinker Library Foundation is a nonprofit volunteer organization seeks to help immigrant children in Korea gain access to education and a place to read books. In September 2017, other schools (DIS, SIS, GSIS, ICSU, HAFS) decided to join the cause. The foundation also works in collaboration with KIS Amnesty International.

ThinkerLibrary5Students worked hard to deliver and organize 4000 books in order to build a public library open to all students in Moran, a location where many undocumented immigrant children live in. Opening book drives from September to December last year, student volunteers stayed even after break began in order to organize books according to level.  Students also took upon a task of logging all of the books in the master library database.

The Thinker Library Foundation opened their first library in Moran December 17th, 2017. The opening ceremony was a great success and ended with the Thinker Library Foundation successfully opening an English public library in a previously non-English neighborhood.

Text and photos from Leanne, grade 11. Visit the Thinker Library Foundation site and consider how you may help!

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