Vivaldi Park Day Trip With Seoul Campus

James, a Seoul campus fifth grader, tells us about his weekend trip to ski and snowboard with a few of his teachers and fellow students. Spoiler: snacks save the day.

KIS Seoul campus recently went on a Saturday ski and snowboard trip. We rounded up at school by 6:30 am and left for Vivaldi Park.


SCSki9Upon arrival, we split into groups depending on our level and what we were riding. I was placed in the same group with my classmates Ryan, Connor and my brother, Gordon. We put our things in a room and went to get our equipment. There was a ski instructor to help us. He taught us the basics like learning the parts of the ski, how to grab the pole, how to the stand up, how to come down the slope in an A shape and how to walk sideways. I picked up things pretty quickly because I’ve skied before. I think I should’ve been in the intermediate group since I already knew this stuff. The instructor said if all of us mastered the skills, we would move on to the next level. I was ready for it.

Soon it was lunch time. To my disappointment, the food was cold and not tantalizing. (Ski resorts don’t necessarily serve the best meals). I was still hungry but we continued on with the second part of our lesson.

Then we saw the line for the lift. It was really long. We had less than an hour before we had to leave. We had no choice but to go back to the beginners section. I was really disappointed. I waited hours hoping to move on to the intermediate group, but we just ended up repeating the basics all over again. Finally it was time to go.

SCSki11We went back to the room where we had our things. Our principal Mr O’Connor said people could buy snacks at the store. Me and my friends came along with him. Once we got to the store, he said we had five minutes to shop. I was so hungry that I didn’t think about saving any of my money. I shopped like a shark looking for its prey. I bought two bottles of drinks, a variety of chips and cookies and some jelly as well. Mr O’Connor bought three times as much. Once we got back to the room, I ate like there was no tomorrow. This was definitely the highlight of the trip as I am normally not allowed to eat so much junk food.

I only got to go on the ski lift once, which was a great disappointment, but overall it was a fun trip since my friends were there. Next time, I want to go the intermediate group and improve my skills.  

Photos from Justin O’Connor, Seoul campus elementary principal. Video made by Scott Smith, Media Developer.

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