Holidays Around The World

It may be February but it’s still fun to see what Seoul campus was up to before winter break. Fifth graders Chloe and Jenny remember the holiday-centered activities and learning.


In December, lower years participated in a special experiment where they celebrated different traditions of various holidays around the world. Different traditions such as Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and many more were taught to the lower years an in a chance to learn what other cultures do in their holiday season. The children participated in different activities, games, and sports to see what other countries around the world do for the holiday season.

HolidaysSC5Mrs. Smith taught the group of kids about the holidays of USA. The lower years celebrated the way that USA celebrates their holiday season and made finger puppets of Santa Claus, reindeer and snowmen. The children also watched a movie showing how the holidays were spent in America. I think the lower years enjoyed themselves and the activities of American tradition they participated in.

Mrs. Jun taught the group how to make poinsettia flowers out of coffee filters for Las Posadas which is celebrated in Mexico with a lot of fun stories and crafts: the legend of the poinsettia, the Nativity story and a craft where children could see marker ink spread throughout the magic poinsettia coffee filters.

HolidaysSC3Ms. McClain taught the lower years the holiday of India. The holiday is named Diwali and people do fun celebrations including eating delicious food, lighting diyas (candles), letting off fireworks, and creating rangolis (sand art). The kids also enjoyed a book called “The Festival of Lights,” which explained what Diwali is like. The children also watched clips and made beautiful artwork with watercolor and sand while listening to Indian music.

HolidaysSC4Mrs.Bollinger taught her group about the holiday that was called Saint Lucia Day. They did activities such as making crown of lights to celebrate the holiday of Sweden and colored coloring pages that showed the oldest daughter serving breakfast for their family. The lower years also learned about tokens which are little tiny creatures in magical flowers.

HolidaysSC6Mrs. McLean taught a small group of lower years students and she taught the kids about Hanukkah, the holiday of the Jewish. They also did activities like reading a book about Hanukkah, learning how to play games with mixed groups of lower years, singing the dreidel song, and also learning about the food Jewish eat during Hanukkah. Jewish people celebrate with a huge candle which is lighted and unlighted. Then the people receive presents every time a candle is unlighted.

As a concluding paragraph, we think it is safe for us to say that the kids really enjoyed themselves celebrating the different holidays and traditions. From making poinsettia flowers to coloring pictures, we surely think that the different kids learned how different traditions celebrate holidays. Every country can be different, like how America has Santa Claus come or India lights diyas. It sure was a fun way to learn about other cultures!

Thank you Jaclyn Hanna for sharing photos of these activities!

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